Saudi Aramco (2012)

Malware destroyed the hard drives of 35,000 computers.

Cyber heist attack

Bangladesh's Central Bank (2016)

Hackers infiltrated and stole $81M USD.

Data breach

LinkedIn (2012)

117M accounts compromised.

ATM scam

Standard Bank South Africa (2016)

$19.25M USD stolen.

Data breach

Philippines’ Commission (2016)

55M Filipino voters affected.

Security breach

French Police (2016)

Compromised privacy of 112,000 French police officers.

Data breach

Yahoo! (2016)

1.5 Billion email accounts compromised.

Data breach

US DNC (2016)

61,814 emails of US Officials leaked.

Comae is an award winning cyber security provider based in UAE that works with some of the greatest minds in the world.

  • Security Advisory

    Comae Technologies is here to guide you through the complexities of cyber security and align security to your business and organization. Cyber security is an important part of your business protecting your network is fundamental. Comae can help you to assess and get prepared.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Intelligent cybersecurity is essential technology, using multiple resources Comae correlates and analyzes threat data helping security teams identify risks that are relevant to their organization, enhancing vigilance through effective early detection and protection.

  • Application Security

    Hidden gaps and weaknesses can surface at different stages of an application's lifecycle. Finding, identifying and preventing security vulnerabilities from attackers is vital. Security assessments are performed both from the perspective of a trusted user and from the mind of the adversary.

  • Digital Forensics & Incident Response

    Comae’s digital detectives have over a decade’s worth of experience and have assisted law enforcement agencies all over the World. In case of an attack or security breach, the threat must be contained and handled in a way that limits damage. Our team leverages its experience and our Enterprise Platform for memory forensics for cyber-threat hunting and malware dection and response.

  • Blockchain Security

    Blockchain technology is considered disruptive and an innovative focus for businesses. But how secure is your implementation? Cyber criminals have targeted companies using blockchain. In preparation for this new shift, Comae Technologies service aims at helping businesses test and run blockchain projects.

  • Penetration Testing

    No matter what the size of your business, every enterprise or organization should have a penetration test. Companies can end up spending millions of dollars trying to recover data that has been lost or stolen.

  • Training

    Comae Technologies provides world leading coaching. Whether your employees work alone or lead a team, we will create an entirely bespoke learning program tailored to develop the necessary skills your organization requires.

  • IoT Security

    IoT devices are one of the most signficant attack vector of any industry from the supply chain attacks to firmware vulnerabilities. We are here to help you.

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