Comae Labs

Comae Labs brings together security researchers and the community that drives innovation and automation within the company. We believe that innovation is the heart of every security company but also a significant part of its culture and identity. We strongly believe in empowering the community with open-source softwares such as SwishDbgExt, with free tools like our memory acquisition tools like DumpIt and also with our technical blog describing new attacks and mitigations.

  • DumpIt & Hibr2Bin

    Always be prepared with the latest tools for your personal incident response toolkit with DumpIt, and Hibr2Bin.

  • SwishDbgExt

    SwishDbgExt is a Microsoft WinDbg debugging extension that expands the set of available commands by Microsoft WinDbg, but also fixes and improves existing commands.
    SwishDbgExt aims at making life easier for kernel developers, troubleshooters and security experts with a series of debugging, incident response and memory forensics commands. Because SwishDbgExt is a WinDbg debugging extension, it means it can be used on local or remote kernel debugging session, live sessions generated by Microsoft LiveKd, but also on Microsoft crash dumps generated to a Blue Screen of Death or hybrid utilities such as Comae DumpIt.

  • Blog

    Always stay updated with our technical blog.